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21 Fun Ways to Have a Sober Storm Day

Photo by Etienne Assenheimer on Unsplash
  1. Build a snowman.
  2. Go for a walk around Point Pleasant or Shubie Park.
  3. Netflix and hold hands.
  4. Storm chips and Propeller All Natural soda.
  5. Go sledding/sliding.
  6. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole about Madeleine McCann (who IS the egg with hair?!)
  7. Bake cookies.
  8. Call your grandmother.
  9. Teach yourself how to read tarot cards (buy some at Neighbourhood Witch!)
  10. Build an igloo.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Shovel the neighbour’s driveway.
  13. Have a snowball fight.
  14. Finish that book you started reading 2 years ago and never finished or start a new one you find at Bookmark on Spring Garden.
  15. Journal. You can probably find the perfect fresh new empty notebook at Kept in Dartmouth.
  16. Teach yourself macrame.
  17. Give your pet a full body massage. 
  18. Organize your closet.
  19. Plan a trip for spring break.
  20. Give yourself bangs.
  21. Give all your friends bangs.


  • MelanieSD

    #22. Have friends over for a cribbage tournament
    #23. Board game night!
    #24. Create art
    #25. Gather some friends and cook a meal or learn how to make pasta

  • Amy a mom

    I just read of your amazing initiative in the recent copy of The Coast and I just want to commend you. I’m sixty years old and breast cancer chemo took my taste for alcohol a few years ago,…..this is nutty but it’s still important to praise you for what you are doing. Trying to figure out why there are tears in my eyes,…and I do know why,…it’s because being plied w cheap beer as a teenager had consequences. Thank you,…if you help one person, you’ve done enough. But that you are probably helping many more,….impresses the bad memories out of me!