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    17 Calming Strategies for A Sobriety Toolkit

    Part of the human experience is facing obstacles, physical and emotional pain, loss, and other setbacks.  Whether these are huge life-altering occurrences or regular ol’ stressors, we’ve all experienced them at one degree or another and it’s through these challenges…

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    5 Ways Journaling in Sobriety Can Improve Your Life

    Discovering sobriety, learning about yourself, and unravelling toxic patterns of thinking is a huge process filled with every emotion you can think of.  One of the best ways you can deal with your past and participate in intense self-reflection is…

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    What is Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome?

    Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is something that’s rarely discussed in the early stages of recovery and it really should be.  The physical, emotional, and psychological changes that happen in the first few months of quitting drinking can be really scary and…

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    50 Ways Sobriety Rules

    For someone who has an alcohol addiction, getting sober is hard and there are many moments in the early stages of recovery where you feel like giving up. In those moments it’s good to remember why you’re striving to live…

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    21 Fun Ways to Have a Sober Storm Day

    Build a snowman. Go for a walk around Point Pleasant or Shubie Park. Netflix and hold hands. Storm chips and Propeller All Natural soda. Go sledding/sliding. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole about Madeleine McCann (who IS the egg with hair?!)…