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    50 Ways Sobriety Rules

    For someone who has an alcohol addiction, getting sober is hard and there are many moments in the early stages of recovery where you feel like giving up. In those moments it’s good to remember why you’re striving to live…

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    21 Fun Ways to Have a Sober Storm Day

    Build a snowman. Go for a walk around Point Pleasant or Shubie Park. Netflix and hold hands. Storm chips and Propeller All Natural soda. Go sledding/sliding. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole about Madeleine McCann (who IS the egg with hair?!)…

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    10 Ways Alcohol Negatively Impacts Your Life

    There’s a lot of terrible ways alcohol messes with your life but this is a good snapshot to start the conversation with yourself.  If you want more out of life than booze-hangover-guilt-repeat there is help out there!  You can get…

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    What is Sober Curious?

    To be sober curious means to question, challenge, and change your thoughts and beliefs around your relationship with alcohol. It means to no longer want to blindly drink at social events because everyone else is, it’s the desire to see…

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    How to Support your Partner in Recovery

    One of the keys to successful and sustainable recovery from alcohol addiction is having a good support system and as a loving partner, you’re one of the most valuable players in this system.  There’s a good chance you’ve been feeling…