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Hi, my name is Lee-Anne and Sober City is my “some day” project finally realized. I got sober March 2, 2014, and I still remember those early days very clearly. I remember the guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and deep sadness that came along with getting sober and tackling recovery. I built myself a great support system, but I was still lacking in one important element- a sense of community. I felt that if I were to leave my house to socialize, I’d be tempted to drink because virtually everyone I knew drank and almost everywhere I would go had booze culture shoved in my face, making any kind of sober social life seem impossible.

I want to help as many people as I can to know that things don’t have to be that way! There are sober people here in HRM and there are fun things you can do that doesn’t involve getting drunk. Life doesn’t pause or stop when you decide to quit drinking for a month, 6 months, or forever. Life actually gets better- you just have to change your perspective.




Sober City is the one and only place for information, resources, and inspiration on where to go and what to do in Halifax for the newly sober, the sober-curious, and those who occasionally dabble in the alcohol-free life.

There’s way more to this city than day drinking, breweries, and boozy brunches and it’s my mission to discover and share all the amazing alcohol-free adventures to help you enrich your very precious life.

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