Sober City Resto/Bar Guide

Drink menu reviews include restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, pubs, diners, lounges, taprooms, tasting rooms, and taverns. Drink menu reviews do not include food court restaurants, pizza joints, places that primarily do catering, food trucks, primarily bakeries/chocolatiers, or fast food joints.

I retrieved most of the data from online menus which include takeout menus due to dining being closed due to COVID-19 so the accuracy of my data is only as good as the accuracy of the online menus.

Mocktails- if an establishment has a rating of "basic" for mocktails that means the bar is able to create virgin drinks with what they have available based on your tastes, i.e., they don't have a menu you can read to help you decide what to buy.

Extras- If you see nothing written in this column that means the establishment has the basic options one would expect to see.

Notice something missing? I'm probably waiting on confirmation from the establishment.  Click here to see the full list of establishments I have yet to hear from, or where I have missing data.  If you have updated information I need please email me at

2 Doors Down - DowntownHalifaxDowntownYESYESBASICYESViveau Nova Scotia wild blueberry sparkling water
Acadian Fish & ChipsHammonds PlainsHammonds PlainsNONONONO
Train Station Bike & BeanTantallonTantallonYESNONONOJones Soda, Sanpellegrino, Powerade
The Finer DinerHacketts CoveHacketts CoveYESNONOYES
2 Doors Down - Hector GateDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESYESBASICYESViveau Nova Scotia wild blueberry sparkling water
Dhaba ExpressHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNONONOSmoothies, coconut water
902 Resturant & CateringHalifaxSpring GardenNONONOYESBarbican, Vimto, Aryan (yogurt drink), Turkish coffee, OJ Sunrise
aFrite RestaurantHalifaxWaterfrontYESNONONO
Agricola Street BrasserieHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYESSpecialty coffee
AlmonakHalifaxNorth EndYESON TAPBASICNOWellness lattes, cold-pressed juice, specialty coffee, Propeller ginger beer, Propeller root beer
Alteregos Café & CateringHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Anna's Café and GrillHalifaxWaterfrontNONONONO
Annie's Place CaféHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONO
Antojo Tacos + TequilaHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNOJarritos, Propeller ginger beer, Sanpellegrino, specialty coffee
Ardmore Tea RoomHalifaxQuinpoolNONONONOFruit smoothies, iced coffee, milkshakes
Athens RestaurantHalifaxQuinpoolYESNOBASICNO
Backoos Korean ToGo FoodHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONO
Bai Wei Grill BarHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONOBubble tea, pudding milk tea, pomelo honey green tea, soy milk, coconut sago drink
Basha RestaurantHalifaxSouth EndNONONONOMonster energy drink, V8 juice, aloe juice, Barbican
Baton Rouge Steakhouse & BarHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Bearly's House of Blues and RibsHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICYes
Beaverbank StationBeaver BankBeaver BankYESNOBASICNO
Big Leagues PubDartmouthCole HarbourYESNOBASICNO
Bird's Nest Café & CateringHalifaxDowntownYESNONONOPropeller root beer, Propeller ginger beer, San Bededitto sparkling water
Bitter End Martini Bar & RestaurantHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Black SheepHalifaxSpring GardenYESYESBASICYES
Blue Elephant Thai RestaurantBedfordBedfordYESNOBASICNO
Blue OliveHalifaxQuinpoolYESNOBASICNO
Bluenose II RestaurantHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNOSpecialty coffee
Boneheads BBQHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONO
Boondocks RestaurantDartmouthEastern PassageYESNOYESYesSpecialty coffee
Brass Rail RestaurantDartmouthCole HarbourYESNONONO
BrawtaHalifaxDowntownNONONONOTing, Island soda, Vita malt, coconut water
Brooklyn WarehouseHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Budapest BisztroHalifaxFairviewYESNOBASICNO
Buta RamenHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONO
Byblos Lebanese CuisineDartmouthWoodlawnYESNOBASICYes
Cabin CoffeeHalifaxDowntownNONONONO
Café 98DartmouthDowntownNONONONO
Café Aroma LatinoHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONOGuaraná Antarctica guaraná-flavoured soft drink
Café ChiantiHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICYES
Café GoodluckDartmouthDowntownYESYESNONOHop water, Sanpellegrino
Café Taiyaki 52HalifaxDowntownNOYESNONOBanana milk tea, smoothies
Canvas Resto LoungeHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Caribbean BlissHalifaxNorth EndNONONONO
Celtic Corner Public HouseDartmouthDowntownYESNOBASICNOPropeller root beer
Cha Baa ThaiHalifaxSpring GardenYESNONONO
Cha Baa ThaiDartmouthBurnsideYESNONONO
Chain Yard Urban CideryHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONO
Chameleon Café & Supper ClubHalifaxWest EndYESNONONO
Charlie's ClubHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Cheelin RestaurantHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICNO
Chef AbodHalifaxNorth EndNONOYESYESMilkshakes, mango juice, guava juice, Vimto
Chkn ChopHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONOPropeller root beer, Propeller ginger beer, Sanpellegrino
Coburg Coffee / Coburg SocialHalifaxSouth EndNOYESBASICYES
Coda RamenHalifaxArmdaleYESYESNONOPropeller ginger beer
Compass DistillersHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Cora - BedfordBedfordBedfordNONONOYESSmoothies, fruit cocktails, specialty coffee
Cora - BurnsideDartmouthBurnsideNONONOYESSmoothies, fruit cocktails, specialty coffee
Cora - Clayton ParkHalifaxClayton ParkNONONOYESSmoothies, fruit cocktails, specialty coffee
Cora - DartmouthDartmouthWoodlawnNONONOYESSmoothies, fruit cocktails, specialty coffee
Cora - Halifax DowntownHalifaxDowntownNONONOYESSmoothies, fruit cocktails, specialty coffee
Cosy Snack BarHalifaxWest EndNONONONO
Cousin's RestaurantHalifaxHydrostoneYESNONONOMilkshakes
Creamy Rainbow Bakery and CaféHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONOStrawberry milk
Curry Village Indian RestaurantHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONOMango lassi, Mango juice
Cut SteakhouseHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
daMaurizio Fine DiningHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOMOCKTAIL MENUYES
Darrell's RestaurantHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICNOMilkshakes
Dharma SushiHalifaxDowntownNONONONO
Dilly Dally Coffee CaféHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONO
Dooly's - BedfordBedfordBedfordYESNOBASICYES
Dooly's - BurnsideDartmouthBurnsideYESNOBASICYES
Dooly's - DartmouthDartmouthWoodlawnYESNOBASICYES
Dooly's - HalifaxHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYES
Dooly's - Lower SackvilleSackvilleLower SackvilleYESNOBASICYES
Dooly's - RockinghamHalifaxRockinghamYESNOBASICYES
Durty Nelly'sHalifaxDowntownYESNOMOCKTAIL MENUNO
East of Grafton TavernHalifaxDowntownYESNOMOCKTAIL MENUYES
East Side Mario'sHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNONONO
Economy Shoe ShopHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
Edible MattersHammonds PlainsHammonds PlainsYESNONONOSanpellegrino, Chill Street sodas, specialty coffee
Efes Turkish CuisineHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICNOTurkish coffee
El Chino Snack BarHalifaxNorth EndYESYESMOCKTAIL MENUNO
Eliot & VineHalifaxNorth EndYESYESBASICYES
Elle's BistroHalifaxDowntownYESNOMOCKTAIL MENUNOFrappe, Sanpellegrino, milkshakes
EnVie A Vegan KitchenHalifaxNorth EndYESYESBASICNO
Esquire RestaurantBedfordBedfordYESNONONO
Field GuideHalifaxNorth EndYESYESMOCKTAIL MENUNO2 Crows hot water, La Croix
Finbar's Irish PubDartmouthPortland EstatesYESNOBASICNOPropeller ginger beer, Propeller root beer
Finbar's Irish PubBedfordBedfordYESNOBASICNOPropeller ginger beer, Propeller root beer
Fong's RestaurantDartmouthCole HarbourYESNOBASICNO
Fries & Co.HalifaxWest EndYESNONONO
Gahan HouseHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Gangnam Korean BBQHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONOMango juice, aloe juice, Korean drinks
Genji SushiDartmouthNorth EndYESNONONOMango juice, coconut water
Glitter Bean CaféHalifaxSpring GardenNOYESNONOFairy latte, visually stunning drinks
Good Robot BrewingHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONO
G-Street PizzaHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONO
Gudin's Brazilian DelicaciesDartmouthDowntownNONONONOGuaraná Antarctica guaraná-flavoured soft drink
Gus' Pub & GrillHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Happy Veal Hot PotHalifaxSpring GardenYESNONONOfew extra different drinks
Harbourstone Sea Grill & Pour HouseHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOMOCKTAIL MENUYES
HeartwoodHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONOespresso shakes, teas, smoothies
Heartwood NorthHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONOespresso shakes, teas, smoothies
Hellas RestaurantSackvilleLower SackvilleNONONONO
Heng Fung RestaurantDartmouthNorth EndYESNONONO
HFX Sports Bar & GrillHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYESMonster energy drinks
HighwaymanHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNOcoffee drinks, house made sodas
Hong's KitchenSackvilleLower SackvilleYESNOBASICNO
Hop Scotch Dinner ClubHalifaxDowntownYESYESBASICNOWorld Tea House, house soda, propeller ginger beer, 2 Crows hop water, Sanpellegrino, Java Blend
Hopyard Beer BarHalifaxNorth EndYESYESBASICNONone really
Humani-T CaféHalifaxNorth EndNOYESBASICNOlots
In Spring Fine Asian Fusion CuisineHalifaxDowntownNONONONONone really
Indochine Banh MiHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONOsmoothies, bubble tea smoothies, propeller soda, etc.
Irie Vibes Bar & GrillDartmouthCole HarbourYESNONONONoni juice, Island soda, Peanut punch, Baba Roots
Iron RoosterHalifaxDowntownNONONONONone really
Jack Astor's Bar & Grill - Bayer's LakeHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNOBASICNO
Jack Astor's Bar & Grill - DartmouthDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOBASICNO
Jamaica Vibes RestaurantHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICNOTing, island soda, malt
Jamieson's Irish House and GrillDartmouthCole HarbourYESNOBASICYESSanpellegrino
Janina's Café & CateringDartmouthBurnsideNONONONO
Java BlendHalifaxNorth EndNOYESNONOcafé
Jean's Chinese RestaurantHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONOthe usual
Jinloong RestaurantSackvilleLower SackvilleNONONONO
John's LunchDartmouthWoodsideNONONONOhomemade milkshakes
Julep Kitchen & CocktailsHalifaxDowntownYESYESBASICNO
Julienne's Restaurant and CateringHalifaxSouth EndNONONONObasic
Jungle Jim's EateryHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNOBASICNOA lot of frozen drinks that could be delicious mocktails
Kajohn ThaiHalifaxNorth EndNONONONOThai ice tea, lots of pop and juice selection
Kempster's Cookhouse & EateryHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Kitsune FoodHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONOKirin, Sanpellegrino, Perrier, Calpico (Japanese soft drink), Viveau
Kyo Kitchen & BarHalifaxDowntownYESYESYESNO
La Cucina CaféDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOYESNOSpecialty coffee, Italian soda
La Frasca Cibi & ViniHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYESSanpellegrino, ginger beer
La Piazza Resto CaféHalifaxWest EndYESNONONO
Lady Hammond Bar & Grill (Chebucto Inn)HalifaxNorth EndYESNONONObasic
Lakeside Bar & GrillHalifaxArmdaleYESNOBASICYES
Le Bistro By LizHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYES
Lemon DogsDartmouthMontebelloNONONONOFresh-pressed lemonade, cold brew floats, cold brew coffee, palmers
Lemon Tree Restaurant - BedfordBedfordBedfordYESNONONO
Lemon Tree Restaurant - FairviewHalifaxFairviewYESNONONO
LF BakeryHalifaxNorth EndNONONONOcafé
Lion's Head Tavern & GrillHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASIC2 CHOICES
Little OakHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOYESYES
Lot Six Bar & RestaurantHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
M&J's Catering & EateryHalifaxMill CoveYESYESBASICNOsmoothies, cappuccino, bottomless coffee
Man BeanHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICYES
Mappatura BistroHalifaxSpring GardenYESYESBASICYESSanpellegrino
Maria's PantryDartmouthDowntownYESNONONOSanpellegrino, garrison sodas
Mary's Place Café IIHalifaxSpring GardenYESNONONOV8
Mashawee Mediterranean GrillHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONOVimto, Laban ayran, bottled Barbican
Mezza Lebanese KitchenHalifaxSouth EndNONONONO
Mezza Lebanese KitchenHalifaxDowntownNONONONO
Mezza Lebanese KitchenSackvilleLower SackvilleNONONONO
Mic Mac Bar & GrillDartmouthMontebelloYESNOBASICYESSpecialty coffee
Midtown Tavern & LoungeHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYESbasic
Minato Sushi Japanese RestaurantHalifaxSpring GardenYESNONONObasic
Mizu All You Can EatDartmouthWoodlawnYESNONONO
Mizu All You Can Eat - Bayer's LakeHalifaxBayer's LakeNONONONO
Mizu All You Can Eat - DartmouthDartmouthWoodlawnNONONONO
Morris East QuinpoolHalifaxQuinpoolYESNOBASICNOSanpellegrino, Limonata
Morris East Restaurant & WineHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICNOSanpellegrino, Limonata
Mother's PizzaHalifaxHydrostoneYESNONONOSanpellegrino, Limonata, Dad's Root Beer, Propeller Ginger beer, Brio
Moxie's Grill & BarDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOYESYES
Moxie's Grill & BarHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNOYESYES
Moxie's Grill & BarHalifaxDowntownYESNOYESYES
Naan n CurryHalifaxQuinpoolNONONONOMango lassi
Narrow EspressoHalifaxSouth EndNONONONOcafé
Nena's Breakfast HouseDartmouthNorth EndNONONONO
Niche LoungeHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Now We're CookinHerring CoveHerring CoveNONONONO
Obladee Wine BarHalifaxDowntownYESYESNONOSanpellegrino, cappuccino
Old Port Pub & GrillDartmouthBurnsideYESNOBASICYES
Orso Pub & GrillHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Palladium Family RestaurantDartmouthCole HarbourYESNONOYESMilkshakes
Parkside Pub and SmokehouseDartmouthNorth EndYESNOBASICNORed Bull
Parseh Shiraz HouseHalifaxSouth EndNONONONOPersian yogurt drink
PepperekaDartmouthBurnsideNOYESNONOcafé, smoothies with Greek yogurt
Peter's PizzeriaHalifaxSouth EndNONONONObasic
PG's Café & GrillHalifaxSouth EndNONONONObasic
Phil's SeafoodHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONObasic
Pho Hoang Minh Vietnamese RestaurantDartmouthNorth EndYESNONONOVietnamese style lemonade, Jack fruit shake, Vietnamese trung nguyen coffee, Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, Vietnamese iced coffee
Piatto Pizzeria + EnotecaHalifaxSouth EndYESNONOYESSanpellegrino
Pickford and BlackHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYES
Pleasant St DinerDartmouthNorth WoodsideYESNONONO
Portland Street CreperieDartmouthDowntownNONONONO
Primal KitchenHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYES
Propeller Brewing CompanyHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONO
Propeller Brewing CompanyHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONO
Pür & SimpleDartmouthPenhornYESNONONOSmoothies, specialty coffee
Rasa Flavours of IndiaHalifaxSpring GardenYESNONONOLassi, Indian tea masala
Real Fake MeatsHalifaxNorth EndNOYESNONOPropeller rot beer and ginger beer
Redwood GrillHalifaxClayton ParkYESNOBASICYESbasic
Reflections CabaretHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
Reilly's LoungeDartmouthGraham's CornerYESNOBASICSOMETIMES
Rinaldo'sHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Rinaldo's (Dutch Village Road)HalifaxDutch VillageYESNOBASICNO
Ristorante a ManoHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYESFreshly squeezed juice, Limonata, aranciata, blueberry lemonade
Robie St. StationHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONOlarge assortment of coffees and specialty coffees
Roll It UpHalifaxDowntownYESNONONO
Roll the Dice Board Game CaféHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONOPropeller products, East Coast Soda Co products, Italian sodas
Roxbury Urban Dive BarHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
Salvatore's Pizzailoa TrattoriaHalifaxHydrostoneYESNONONOItalian sodas
Sea Smoke RestaurantHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYES
Seahorse TavernHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYESbasic
Seamus David's PubDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOBASICNOFree refills on fountain pop
Selby's BunkerDartmouthCole HarbourNOYESNONO
Ship Victory Restaurant & LoungeDartmouthNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
Shuck Seafood and Raw BarHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Side Hustle Snack BarDartmouthCole HarbourYESYESNOYES
Silver Dragon RestaurantHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICNObasic
Smitty's Family RestaurantHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICNOIce cream shake, bottomless soft drinks, iced tea
Smitty's Family RestaurantDartmouthWestphalYESNOBASICNOIce cream shake, bottomless soft drinks, iced tea
Smitty's Family RestaurantHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNOBASICNOIce cream shake, bottomless soft drinks, iced tea
Song's Korean RestaurantHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONOMany teas, banana milk, Sanpellegrino, other juices
SpringhouseHalifaxNorth EndNOYESNONOsmoothies, fresh-pressed juice
Staggers Pub & GrubDartmouthDowntownYESNOBASICYES
Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles RestaurantHalifaxDowntownYESNONONOSoya milk, Vietnamese coffee (hot and cold), teas (hot and cold)
Steak and Stein Family RestaurantHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYESBottomless tea/coffee, iced tea, soft drinks
Steak and Stein Family RestaurantDartmouthWoodlawnYESNOBASICYESBottomless tea/coffee, iced tea, soft drinks
Stillwell Beer BarHalifaxDowntownYESYESNONO2 Crows Hop Water
Stillwell BeergardenHalifaxSpring GardenYESYESNONO2 Crows Hop Water
Stone's ThrowHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOYESNO
Stories Fine DiningHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICYESSpecialty coffees, good selection of teas
Studio East Food+DrinkHalifaxNorth EndYESYESYESNOSpecialty coffees, teas, Sanpellegrino, Propeller ginger beer
Superstar KTVHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONO
Sushi Nami Royale- Bayer's LakeHalifaxBayer's LakeYESNOBASICNO
Sushi Nami Royale- BedfordBedfordBedfordYESNOBASICNO
Sushi Nami Royale- Dartmouth CrossingDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOBASICNO
Sushi Nami Royale- Downtown HalifaxHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICNO
Sushi Shige Japanese RestaurantHalifaxDowntownYESNONONO
Sweet HereafterHalifaxQuinpoolNONONONOLaughing Whale coffee, World Tea House tea, local sodas
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill - DartmouthWoodlawnYESNOBASICYES
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill - BedfordBedfordYESNOBASICYES
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill - Clayton ParkHalifaxClayton ParkYESNOBASICYES
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill - Dartmouth CrossingDartmouthDartmouth CrossingYESNOBASICYES
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill - North EndHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYES
Tako LokoHalifaxHydrostoneYESNONONOJarritos
Talay ThaiDartmouthCole HarbourYESNONONOMango juice, Thai iced tea, Thai iced coffee, Thai Sala
Talay Thai Restaurant - DartmouthDartmouthCole HarbourYESNOBASICNOThai Sala
Talay Thai Restaurant - HalifaxHalifaxSouth EndYESNOBASICNOThai Sala
Tart & Soul CaféHalifaxSouth EndNONONONOIn-House Sparkling lemonade, East Coast Soda
Taste GardenDartmouthSouth WoodsideYESNONONO
Tempo Food + DrinkHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNOSpecialty coffees
The Arms Public HouseHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYES
The Armview Restaurant & LoungeHalifaxWest EndYESNOBASICNOPropeller ginger beer, milkshakes, freshly squeezed orange juice
The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster BarHalifaxDowntownYESYESYESYESSeedlip mocktails
The Bicycle ThiefHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYESSpecialty coffees
The Brown Hound PubHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASIC2 CHOICESNon-Alcoholic white wine
The Butcher's Block Pub & EateryHalifaxMill CoveYESNOBASICYES
The Canteen on PortlandDartmouthDowntownYESYESNOYESBottomless coffee (Nova Coffee Roasters), Sanpellegrino
The CarletonHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
The Cheeky Neighbour DinerHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONO
The ChickenburgerBedfordBedfordNONONONOmilkshakes
The Five FishermanHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
The Foggy GoggleHalifaxNorth EndYESNOBASICYES
The Halifax AlehouseHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYESMonster energy drinks
The Italian MarketHalifaxNorth EndYESNONONOlots of café options
The Local Restaurant and BarHalifaxNorth EndYESON TAPBASIC2 CHOICESPropeller ginger beer
The Lower DeckHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYES
The Lower Deck - Clayton ParkHalifaxClayton ParkYESNOBASICYES
The Marquee BallroomHalifaxNorth EndYESON TAPYESYES
The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar - BedfordBedfordBedfordYESNOBASICNO
The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar - Downtown HalifaxHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
The Narrows BistroDartmouthNorth EndYESNOBASICNO
The Nook Espresso Bar and LoungeHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONO
The Oasis Pub & EateryHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYES
The Old ApothecaryHalifaxDowntownYESYESNONO
The Old Triangle Irish AlehouseHalifaxDowntownYESNOMOCKTAIL MENU2 CHOICES
The Ostrich ClubHalifaxHydrostoneYESNOBASICNOLocally made ginger beer
The Other BeanHalifaxQuinpoolYESYESNOYES
The Pint Public HouseHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
The Red Asian Fusion RestaurantHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONOA lot of great juice flavours
The Shawarma KingSackvilleLower SackvilleNONONONO
The Sou'Wester RestaurantPeggy's CovePeggy's CoveYESNONONO
The Split Crow PubHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICYES
The Stubborn GoatHalifaxDowntownYESNOBASICNO
The Wooden Door BistroEnfieldEnfieldYESNOBASICNO
The Wooden MonkeyHalifaxDowntownYESYESMOCKTAIL MENUYESPropeller sodas, Zevia Cola, NS Blueberry juice
The Wooden Monkey (Alderney Landing)DartmouthDowntownYESYESMOCKTAIL MENUYESPropeller sodas, Zevia Cola, NS Blueberry juice
Tidehouse Brewing CompanyHalifaxDowntownYESNONONO
Trendz RestaurantDartmouthBurnsideYESNOBASICNOSanpellegrino Limonata, specialty coffee
Truly TastyHalifaxQuinpoolYESNONONOJapanese Marble Pop, Sour Plum tea, Chinese iced tea
Unchained KitchenHalifaxNorth EndYESYESNONOPropeller ginger beer, Propeller root beer
Uncommon GroundsHalifaxSouth EndNONONONO
Upstreet BBQ BrewhouseDartmouthBurnsideYESNOBASICNOEast Coast Craft Soda
Verano Food PurveyorsHalifaxWaterfrontYESNONONOAnchored coffee, Sanpellegrino
Vernon's Thunderbird DinerHammonds PlainsHammonds PlainsYESNONONOmilkshakes
Vines Pasta GrillDartmouthWestphalYESNOBASICYES
Waterfront WarehouseHalifaxWaterfrontYESNOBASICYES
Weird Harbour Espresso BarHalifaxDowntownNOYESNONO
Westcliffe DinerHalifaxWest EndNONONONOmilkshakes
Wild LeekHalifaxNorth EndNOYESNONO
Willman's Fish & ChipsHalifaxHydrostoneYESNONOYES
World Tea HouseHalifaxDowntownNOYESNONO
Your Father's MoustacheHalifaxSpring GardenYESNOBASICYESLemonade
A Taste of the EastHalifaxSpring GardenNONONONO
Tom's Family RestaurantSackvilleLower SackvilleYESNONONO
St. Louis Bar & Grill - DartmouthDartmouthWoodlawnYESNOBASICYES
St. Louis Bar & Grill - SackvilleSackvilleLower SackvilleYESNOBASICYES
The Board Room Game CaféHalifaxSouth EndYESNONONOSpecialty coffees, smoothies, milkshakes, Propeller root beer, Propeller ginger beer, East Coast Soda Co. pops, Italian sodas